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Do not fail
Do not fail
Only show failing
Try suggestions
Added a test and fix dates (by fetching all) for
Generic link checker RE
Make the build clearer to debug
Filtering out Use of uninitialized value in numeric ge (>=) at /usr/share/perl5/IkiWiki/Plugin/ line 272
Fix and clean up
Invalidate CDN too
add alt title to flickr images on index
fix index flickr script
removed build script from output
fixed time stamps
fix time stamps on posts in build script
fixed time stamps
fix time stamps on files in build script
fix time stamps
fix time stamps on files
Try fix by doing
the SSL dance
Another plugin enabled and another stab at
Stab at fixing
Attempt to fix style
creating index page visas/iran
creating index page imgs
creating index page visas
creating index page bin
creating index page map
creating index page drafts
Build site
Undo accidental commit of build schedule.
GitHub Action Schedule Build
http -> https
new stuff to blog
build line
sidebar, theme
sidebar, theme
no scrub
http -> https
copy changes to local.css
apt ikiwiki
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
build script
build script
build script
specify charsetwq
remove undefined updateStatus
async loading
remove google maps api sensor param
try google maps api key
calendar update
calendar update
local marker maker
marker maker local
map marker archive
calendar update
include border around facebook profile pics
facebook profile pics - match height
Fix graph picture
add "russia" to tags
Need American spelling of optimiZed
Try to fix mouse-over hints in firefox
calendar update
calendar update
Alex, not George
minor typos
hide new page form
feeds yes
older posts
no trail
no archive
add blog features
add blog
creating tag page tags/person
header link underline
adjust trail top