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no scrub
http -> https
copy changes to local.css
apt ikiwiki
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
ikiwiki git
build script
build script
build script
specify charsetwq
remove undefined updateStatus
async loading
remove google maps api sensor param
try google maps api key
calendar update
calendar update
local marker maker
marker maker local
map marker archive
calendar update
include border around facebook profile pics
facebook profile pics - match height
Fix graph picture
add "russia" to tags
Need American spelling of optimiZed
Try to fix mouse-over hints in firefox
calendar update
calendar update
Alex, not George
minor typos
hide new page form
feeds yes
older posts
no trail
no archive
add blog features
add blog
creating tag page tags/person
header link underline
adjust trail top
trail test
trail test
fix flickr links on index
Top tips
An African trip?
Chronological Order
add .html to data.csv so that branchable will compress it
remove spurious point from turkey
removed 2k duplicate lines
update MarkerManager to v 1.2
remove spurious points leaving Bulgaria
add Brno and initial Poland
google maps data for exiting Uzbek and in almaty
move data to external csv
don't need mootools or markermanager file
seems that v1.1 of MarkerManager works with v3.10 of the API
google now defaults to 3.10 which breaks MarkerManager
map link
Add Almaty detail from Latitude data and switch from GMT to BST.
Use latitude data to Iran
minor tweaks
Multiple (mis)spellings of Kyrgyzstan.
mains usb charger
fix link
reformat comment
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
added bit about source replacemen
Added a comment: Ukraïne: asked for 200, got 21 :)
kelly ketle