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In 2010, we (From Lost To The River, from Barcelona, Spain: were asked for a 200$ fine in Ukraine for speeding (riding at 92km/h when maximum allowed was 50). We were asked for 200 dollars, but finally they got 21 without even knowing it!

Very elloquent account of the events! My only issue is that it was Alex who threw the stone, and smothered out Kit's burning flesh and not George :)
You forgot "Chinggis".
Comment by Sun 11 Sep 2011 16:07:48 BST

Hi, Jamie & Kai!

Glad you had good time here in Novosibirsk. Here is an article on Novosibirsk News Site roughly translated by Google:

A lot of comments by people truly amazed by the low price of your Nissan, by the way. Wish you good luck in further part of your journey. Welcome back anytime.

Thanks for visiting our city :)

Hi Nice story of how you haves passed through border :) Seen you yesterday on the road (and exactly on Hakim highway). Just wanted to send you my wishes and send you good luck on your journey.

You may reach me through my email if you need help here.

Take care, Aydin

It's made me want to play Colin McRae rally!
Nice one, can't say I didn't warn you ;)
The GoPro was a genius idea. More video please!
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Hi Jamie!

what a grate adventure! after the trip trough South America with my VW bus I've been dreaming of doing the MOngol Rally but never had the occasion... now at least I'll be able to follow you;)

gook luck and have fun!