Quick update from the Hotel Grand Derya in Dogbiscuit, Turkey.

We've done over 4k miles now! We covered some distance from Istanbul, Cappadocia, all the way here to this Iranian border town.

Ballooning @ Cappadocia

Cappadocia, although a tourist trap, was actually pretty good. Through the power of my twitter network, we probably had the best hotel in Cappadocia at a good price. It had a pool, the host Hassan arranged a balloon flight the next morning. Fantastic stuff.

Kaymaklı Underground CityCappadociaNext after checking cave after cave (btw, I hate caves now) [they were not caves, but hollowed out rock. First the massive underground city and then the Göreme Open Air Museum - Jamie], we drove till dusk and "wild camped" in a nice spot. The Turkish countryside has been stunning.

Today we are quickly going to check out Ishak Pasha Palace and then try the Iranian border. Hopefully we'll be over by lunch and then get a 4-5hr drive to Tabriz to check out another UNESCO site on the way to Tehran.

Our "Interneting", i.e. our internet connectivity, twitter updates, blogs and video uploads might come to a crashing halt. However we do have a SPOT messenger, with map updates however it is limited to only 41 characters. So if you wondering why my tweets are so short in Iran. That's why.