I'm drunk and emotional as I write this.

For those who only have a few weeks left of their life, then I recommend the Mongol Rally. It's full of life experiences.

I'm getting a bit emotional, especially as we met the Italian team Highway to Kahn over beers in Samarqand [rhymes with TravelPussy]. Jamie and I took quite an intrepid route like many other ralliers, to the south through Iran. Getting through Iran and Turkmenistan especially is not easy let me tell you.

Furthermore we have the Pamir Highway to do, which some other teams aren't doing. So this adds a week to our itinerary. Especially since we have now discovered there is no direct crossing between Samarkand and Dushanbe.

There are many very hard days of planning, driving and finding accommodation ahead of us. Even if things go well, we predict we will be in Mongolia around the ~12th of September. More than a week after the last Finish line party.

I really hope we don't have a massive anti-climax once we reach Ulanbataar. We are really working very very hard on finishing and we hope we get some recognition from at least our friends and family.