Following on from the previous Russia to Azerbaijan post, Rob Mills explains that the Azerbaijan border isn't the problem, it's the Russians who don't let non-CIS (ex-soviet) citizens through. I have written to the Russian Embassy in London and tweeted, and they have yet to reply. Drat.

Oh well, that saves on the costly double entry visa for Russia and one for Azerbaijan.

In other news, Jamie and I have convinced his parents that we will keep the car in Steyning, West Sussex once we've bought it. We have been looking for 1L cars on Autotrader and there aren't that many choices. I'm keen on a Polo or a Toyota Yaris, though there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice, especially when you only consider Private Ads and <10 years Mongol Rally car rule. Our budget is 1500GBP btw.

I am quite excited to have met a person from Kyrgyzstan who is doing a English class in the building I live in near Edgware Road. I also heard that Turkmen school here, so I am trying to work out a way of announcing my "mission" to a class of English learners. I am hoping to get hosted / guided whilst we pass through these exotic stans.

We've setup a charity donation page that should make it easy for you all to donate money, not to us, though to Mongolian kids who have had it rough. Our target is 1000GBP, please give something. Anything. Crikey. I am not going to spend it!

  • Points of interest along the Mongol rally route
  • My German cousins have offered to host us in our first stop over, which will probably be in the VERY early morning of the 24th of July
  • Looking into cameras to mount on the dash. Considering the Gopro
  • Looking for a good Android tool to post updates on our route to Facebook et al, so you all can keep upto date of our progress. Think average speeds and other geeky statistics. Want.
  • Hoping to see Jukka in Odessa, Ukraine
  • A Ukrainian friend asked me whether I'm going to drop by Kazantip, that looks a bit too crazy
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